Applications for 2022 are now being taken. 

THIN LINE ARROW ARCHERY is a program hosted by in partnership with Reedy’s Archery in Middleboro, MA. 


Thin Line Arrow Archery is a program aimed to help the physical and psychological well being of our Nations Heroes by introducing them to the world of archery. Our mission is to develop the skills of archery that allows them to enjoy the benefits of archery now and for the future.

Benefits of Archery and Mental Health: 


 Archery is a therapeutic sport which can help to motivate, empower, strengthen and renew our Nations Heroes through physical activity and social interaction.

Archery helps to sharpen the mind, improved sleep, reduce levels of stress, depression and the lessening of anxiety. It requires significant mental input, discipline, focus, concentration, motivation, self-efficacy and patience which encourages our Nations Heroes to look for new ways to change their habits and lifestyle. 


Archery as a physical exercise: 


Taking part in archery is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. Strengthens the body, your shoulder, back, chest, arm, and core muscle groups all receive a workout when shooting a bow. 



What one will learn: 

 You will learn archery etiquette and safety rules, all aspects of using a bow and arrow, including, bow fitting, storing, handling, and shooting to include fixing any bad habits while developing your shooting form. For archers who already have some archery, Reedy's Archery provides the instruction and guidance to sharpen skills and improve form, focus, concentration and shot execution. 


Reedy's knowledgeable instructors will work with you to instill the basics of archery and to develop your confidence and competence on the range, creating a solid foundation of knowledge and skill that will allow you to progress in the sport of archery. 


Learn How to Apply: Please note spots are limited 

Applicants must be a Veteran, Active Duty Service Member, or First Responder, Family or Child of a Fallen Hero

(Military, Please include Rank and Branch) 

All Applicants must fill out an application and waiver form in person or via online below. 

We offer two program classes per year

Program class cycle period goes as followed: (Three months on, Three months off) 

First Program Starts: September-October- November                Application deadline for First Program is July 1

Second Program Starts: March-April-May                                     Application deadline for Second Program is January 1

Terms and Conditions:  

Selected applicants have to commit to two (2) lessons per month, minimum of one hour per session. You choose the two days each month, over a period of 3 months at Reedy’s Archery 121 Wood St, Middleborough, MA 02346.  

Please note that due to the demand, if an applicant Misses 1 class within the 3 month period you will be disqualified from the program. So please make sure this program is something you are able to commit too. 

We ask that applicants be those looking to get into Archery with little to no prior experience, those who do not currently own their own bow and arrows and/or have an older set, and those looking to continue Archery in the future. 

 If you are chosen You will be contacted via email and will have one week to respond.  If you do not respond within the weeks email notice the spot will become available for another applicant.

Please Note: due to spam mail, you may also receive a text message indicating you have been selected if so same one week rule applies. 


Once you have confirmed your registration, An email will be sent to you with further registration information.

What happens once you complete the program:

Once all six (6) lesson have been completed in the three month span, we will have a completion ceremony where all participants will come together. You will be asked answer a few written Testimonial Questions, then each participant will then be presented with your own personal bow and arrows. Each bow will be in Honor and Memory of a Fallen Military Member or First Responder.  

To Apply fill out application below:

Thin Line Arrow Archery Program Application Form



Please Read Waiver Prior to Submitting Application.

In consideration of you accepting this program, I, the applicant, intending to be legally bound do hereby waive and forever release any and all rights and claims for damages or injuries that I may have against the Program Director, Reedy’s Archery of 121 Wood St, Middleborough, MA 02346. , and all of their agents assisting with the Thin Line Arrow Archery program, sponsors and their representatives, volunteers and employees for any and all injuries to me or my personal property. This release includes all injuries and/or damages suffered by me before, during or after the Thin Line Arrow Archery program. I recognize, intend and understand that this release is binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, or assignees. In allowing me to participate in Thin Line Arrow Archery program, I, for myself, and on behalf of my spouse, children, parents, guardians, heirs and next of kin, and any legal and personal representatives, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, hereby agree to and make the following contractual representations pursuant to this Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement (the “Agreement”); 


I hereby represent that (i) I am in good health and in proper physical condition to participate in the Thin Line Arrow Archery program and (ii) I am not under the influence of alcohol or any illicit or prescription drugs which would in any way impair my ability to safely participate in theThin Line Arrow Archery program. I agree that it is my sole responsibility to determine whether I am sufficiently fit and healthy enough to participate in Thin Line Arrow Archery program.


I know that Archery can be potentially hazardous activity. I assume all risks associated with the Thin Line Arrow Archery program including, but not limited to: falls, contact with others, the effects of weather, traffic, and course conditions, and waive any and all claims which I might have based on any of those and other risks typically found in an Archery program. I acknowledge all such risks are known and understood by me. I agree to abide by all decisions of any coordinating officials relative to my ability to safely take part in the Thin Line Arrow Archery program. I certify as a material condition to my being permitted to enter the Thin Line Arrow Archery program that I am fit for this program. 


In the event of an illness, injury or medical emergency arising during the event I hereby authorize and give my consent to the Give2Those Program Director(s), workers at Reedy’s Archery to secure from any accredited hospital, clinic and/ or physician any treatment deemed necessary for my immediate care. I agree that I will be fully responsible for payment of any and all medical services and treatment rendered to me including but not limited to medical transport, medications, treatment and hospitalization.


I understand that participation in Archery involves risks and dangers which include, without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury, permanent disability, paralysis and death; loss or damage to property; accidents,participants of varying skill levels; situations beyond the immediate control of the Program Organizers; and other undefined harm or damage which may not be readily foreseeable, and other presently unknown risks and dangers (“Risks”). I understand that these Risks may be caused in whole or in part by my own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others participating in the Program, or the acts, inaction or negligence of the Released Parties defined below, and I hereby expressly assume all such Risks and responsibility for any damages, liabilities, losses or expenses which I incur as a result of my participation in the Thin Line Arrow Archery Program. 


I hereby Release, Waive and Covenant Not to Sue, and further agree to Indemnify, Defend and Hold Harmless the following parties: the Program Directors, Reedy’s Archery and their employees, Event Organizers and Promoters,Sponsors, Advertisers, Host Cities, Local Organizing Committees, Venues and Property Owners upon which the Event takes place, Law Enforcement Agencies and other Public Entities providing support for the Event, and each of their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, officers, directors, partners, shareholders, members, agents, employees and volunteers (Individually and Collectively, the “Released Parties” or “Event Organizers”), with respect to any liability, claim(s), demand(s), cause(s) of action, damage(s), loss or expense (including court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees) of any kind or nature (“Liability”) which may arise out of, result from, or relate to my participation in the Event, including claims for Liability caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Released Parties.  


I further agree that if, despite this Agreement, I, or anyone on my behalf, makes a claim for Liability against any of the Released Parties, I will indemnify, defend and hold harmless each of the Released Parties from any such Liability which any may be incurred as the result of such claim. I hereby warrant that I have read this Agreement carefully, understand its terms and conditions, acknowledge that I will be giving up substantial legal rights by signing it (including the rights of the minor, my spouse, children, parents, guardians, heirs and next of kin, and any legal and personal representatives, executors, administrators, successors and assigns), acknowledge that I have agreed to this Agreement freely and voluntarily, without any inducement, assurance or guarantee, and intend for my acknowledgement to serve as confirmation of my complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms, conditions and provisions of this Agreement. This Agreement represents the complete understanding between the parties regarding these issues and no oral representations, statements or inducements have been made apart from this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this Agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. 


As it applies to my participation in the Thin Line Arrow Archery program, I agree to abide by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and attest to having read the CDC’s guidance at: I also agree to abide by any COVID-19 distancing and other safety guidelines issued by the state, the community or by this race for my participation in this race.


Further, I grant permission to all the foregoing to use my name, voice and images of myself in any photographs, motion pictures, results, publications or any other print, video graphic or electronic recording of this event for legitimate purposes. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel the program due to circumstances beyond our control such as a natural disaster or emergency or as required to protect the safety of participants and staff. We reserve the right to change the details of the program without prior notice.


By submitting this entry, I acknowledge having read and agreed to the above release and waiver, terms & conditions.

Thanks for your Service and for Submitting your Application!

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